Friday, January 25, 2019

Congress Earns 'Nero Award' for Fiddling While America is Invaded

President Trump has decided to not sign off on the federal budget until it includes money for a physical barrier to finally secure the dangerous and highly porous U.S./Mexican border from the un-inspected entry of aliens and cargo.
That tough decision has been a long time coming.
With no budget, nonessential sections of the government have been shut down and some federal employees deemed “essential” are working without pay.
As a former federal employee I can certainly empathize with those federal employees. I recall working without pay when prior partial government shutdowns occurred.
Many pundits and “political analysts” have said that the administration should compromise. As things now stand, there is nothing to compromise about. Any “compromise” with Pelosi and company would only compromise national security. That “compromise” has been ongoing for decades and we have all too many dead bodies that prove how dangerous open borders are.
The media is focused on how many days federal employees have gone without pay, but no one is keeping track of how many years our borders have failed to prevent the entry of narcotics, weapons, criminals, terrorists and foreign workers who displace hard-working Americans and drive down the wages of those who are fortunate to keep their jobs.
Read the rest from Michael Cutler HERE.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, America is not being invaded.

You guys, your minds have turned to mush.