Thursday, January 3, 2019

Border Patrol now facing invasion of infectious diseases, while Democrats worry about the INVADERS

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Our Border Patrol agents have not only been conscripted as the world’s day care center, they have now become the world’s hospital for dangerous diseases. Perhaps serving as the world’s police force no longer looks so bad in comparison.
First, the illegal immigrants came for jobs and family unification with other relatives who illegally violated our sovereignty. Then they came for welfare and abortion access. Now they are coming with dangerous diseases. Yet the politicians, rather than seeking to shut down the flow and protect Americans from the public health concern, are pressuring our Border Patrol to become the world’s hospital, with stricter “malpractice” standards than domestic health care practitioners. Meanwhile, the evil drug cartels and human smugglers who are orchestrating this flow in order to paralyze the Border Patrol are making a killing off organized crime.
According to a report by USA Today, “Between Dec. 22 and Sunday, the agency reported 451 cases referred to doctors or other providers, including 259 children.” They report that the illegals have increasingly “been arriving with all kinds of ailments, many with flu or pneumonia that can be particularly pervasive and dangerous this time of year.”
CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan made it clear in a statement on Monday that many of those coming with “cases of pneumonia, tuberculosis, parasites” did not develop them on the way but actually left for our country while ill. This is quite literally what our country has tried to stop since the colonial times. Now we have infectious disease chain migration, whereby our politicians are encouraging them to come here with diseases and chastising our agents for not treating them fast enough.
Part of a “Gaza style” media warfare on our sovereignty --->
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