Sunday, December 23, 2018

President Trump HOLDING FIRM on $5 Billion Demand for Border Wall

AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza
President Trump is not backing off his demand for $5 billion for border security that includes a physical barrier as he negotiates with Senate Democrats to end the partial government shutdown, officials said Saturday.
During the shutdown, however, the president ordered affected departments and agencies to make it as “painless as possible” for the American public, said a senior administration official.
The partial shutdown affecting about 25 percent of the federal government began Saturday because of a dispute over border security funding, with Senate Democrats dead set against funding a border wall that was Mr. Trump’s top campaign promise.
The president has backed off plans for a concrete wall but he still wants $5 billion for some sort of barrier.
“We need $5 billion in physical barriers. We are open to a lot of options along those lines,” said a senior administration official.
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Anonymous said...

Oh look. Another Trump tantrum. Kicking Mattis out early. Who'da thunk that would happen...

Coulter/Rush/Ingraham/Freedom caucus holding Trump hostage - just what America needs...

Listen. Time for GOP to wake up before something terrible happens. Time for congress to do it's oversight job. Time for GOP leaders to grow a spine.

Pass the CR without Trump. Move on with your lives.

Trump has to go. Thank Heaven for Mueller. Good thing House turns over too. Time to right the ship.


Anonymous said...

What some of you STILL do not get - America is mostly moderate. Americans want immigration reform. They WANT the people here to be legal, most especially Dreamers. This is the American way. Sure, they also want some border security.

You know what America also gets? That the far right is NUTS/RACIST/STUPID. And the far left ain't much better. Thank heaven you are a small minority.

The rest of us would kindly like to see you crawling back into your holes.


cimbri said...

$5 billion for some wall building is very moderate, and hopefully just a down payment. Anyone against that is just an open borders extremist.