Friday, December 14, 2018

President Trump administration files Supreme Court appeal after Ninth Circuit ruling halting new asylum policy

The Trump administration on Tuesday formally asked the Supreme Court in an emergency appeal to block a nationwide ban on the administration's new asylum policy that was unilaterally instituted by a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals judge last month.
In a November news conference days before the midterm elections, Trump had vowed to turn away all asylum seekers who attempt to cross the border illegally instead of properly presenting themselves at ports of entry.
The president, who has long said the asylum process is rife with fraud, said the emergency policy was necessary as the leading Central American migrant caravan approached the U.S. border with Mexico.
However, U.S. District Judge Jon S. Tigar, who was nominated by President Obama in 2012 to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, issued a temporary restraining order two weeks later that brought a halt to the plan.
Last week, a separate federal appeals court in San Francisco said the White House's ban was inconsistent with federal law and represented an attempted end-run around Congress.
But, the Trump administration said in court papers filed Tuesday that the nationwide order preventing the policy from taking effect "is deeply flawed" and should be lifted pending an appeal that could reach the high court.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Trump should be kicked out based on his cruel immigration policies alone.

-So now DACA kids can't get housing loans thru HUD
-separating families at border and hundreds of children still stuck in prison at the border
-fake out to families to take these kids, but it was only a STING OPERATION, and the kind people were ARRESTED and TAKEN INTO CUSTODY WHILE THE CHILDREN REMAIN IMPRISONED
-kicking out innocent, decent, productive parents/people who have been here FOR DECADES and who are good citizens in their communities, including spouses of people who HAVE SERVED IN OUR MILITARY PROTECTING ALL OF US
-LEGIT asylum seekers, facing life-threatening danger and violence are turned away without consideration???

Trump, Miller AND CO. are MONSTERS, and anyone who carries out his disgusting policies is as well. PERIOD.