Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Opposing Communist Chinese Spies Isn’t Racist

The Chinese are trying to spy on the U.S. through American universities.
Is it racist to protect American colleges from foreign meddling? When it comes to China, a surprising number of people believe so.
Consider the backlash to the Stop Higher Education Espionage and Theft Act, a bill introduced by Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and Representative Francis Rooney (R., Fla.) to help colleges protect against malicious foreign actors. The bill would ask the FBI to designate a list of “foreign intelligence threats to higher education,” which would be subject to heightened scrutiny and transparency.
Kevin Lamarque/Reuters
Because Cruz and Rooney cite Chinese-government programs as a source of potential threats to the integrity of American colleges and universities, some have accused them of racial profiling. Representative Judy Chu (D., Calif.) objects to their bill as an “irresponsible” attempt to “categorize an entire country of people en masse as spies.” Cynthia Choi, co–executive director of Chinese for Affirmative Action, told the Huffington Post the bill was “just wrong” and “a bogus attempt to whip up fear and animosity towards Chinese and Chinese Americans.”
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