Monday, December 31, 2018

Is Taxpayer Money Going to a Terror Refugee Resettlement Charity?

And did the Obama administration shut down a criminal case against it?
That's how much taxpayer money may have gone to an Islamic charity allegedly linked to terror supporters. And the charity, Islamic Relief USA is also involved in helping resettle “refugees”
That number comes from an important report by the Middle East Forum, a key counterterrorism think tank, and it involves a Federal investigation into Islamic Relief USA, the Muslim charity in question, triggered by Ryan Mauro, the Director of the Clarion Intelligence Network, and a Shillman Fellow, and the Obama administration’s stand down order on the investigation.
The investigation into Islamic Relief USA by the FBI, the IRS and the Office of Personnel Management began with a meeting between Mauro and a federal special agent with counterterrorism experience in 2014. That was the same year that Israel and the UAE had separately cracked down on Islamic Relief Worldwide over the Muslim charity’s alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist groups.
LINK: Islamic Relief Fails to Disprove Terror Links
In the coming years, Islamic Relief Worldwide would face legal challenges in even more countries. Meanwhile, as described in the Middle East Forum report, a deeply troubling situation had emerged in which “over $80 million from western taxpayers” was being funneled to IRW and its affiliates.
The OPM investigation was triggered by Islamic Relief USA’s acceptance on to the Combined Federal Campaign workplace charity list of the United States government, which, as Ryan Mauro notes, “allows federal employees to automatically donate to approved non-profits.”
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