Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Is President Trump's border wall being built? Here are the facts

Photo: Evan Vucci/AP
"The wall."
It's the border barrier President Donald Trump promised in his campaign. It's the symbol of the ideas that many who oppose Trump have vowed to block.
But with a partial government shutdown looming, one thing remains far from settled: Is the border wall really being built?
The answer is entirely a matter of interpretation.
What's Trump's border wall progress?
Border barriers have been built under the Trump administration.
So far, those barriers are mostly replacements of other, existing fencing that was already in place — not new stretches of wall on any part of the border that was previously open.
And none of the new barriers use the designs that emerged from the construction of prototype "walls" in San Diego.
Funding for the barriers so far is limited to older designs, essentially the same fences as were built under previous administrations.
David Wallace/The Republic
And all of these projects amount to a few miles of border barrier in total. A USA TODAY NETWORK project in 2017 examined the entire 2,000-mile border and showed most of it has no fence and no wall.
Helicopter footage of the full border shows most of it is open, and most of the barriers in Texas are built only in short spurts. At the same time, much of the unfenced border is remote, wild and distant from roads or construction supplies.
Apprehensions of border-crossers rose in the last year, but the numbers remain near the lowest levels in decades.
Is Trump's border wall the same as the border fence? --->
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