Saturday, December 15, 2018

Global Survey: 24 out of 27 countries more likely to say they want less immigration than Americans are

A small reminder from Pew that the next time you read somewhere about America being in “the grip of right-wing populism,” remember that that grip is awfully loose compared to its strength in Europe.
Click for the full list. Of 27 countries surveyed, only two are less likely than Americans to say that they want fewer immigrants. One of those countries, Canada, is on par with the U.S., with 27 percent of Canadians saying they want immigration reduced compared to 29 percent of Americans. The country least interested in reducing immigration is Japan, where just 13 percent want fewer immigrants. Japan is also the only country of 27 polled in which the share that wants more immigrants (23 percent) is larger than the share that wants fewer. (Fifty-eight percent of Japanese want to keep immigration levels about the same.) Why is that country so willing to open its doors to outsiders? You know why. Someone’s gotta change the natives’ adult diapers. It’s either immigrants or robots.
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