Saturday, December 1, 2018

Asylum Caravan's Future Democrats Dream of Life in Land of the Free (Stuff)

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images
Thanksgiving’s over, so now it’s back to covering the ongoing invasion — I mean, the asylum caravan — on the southern border of the United States.
Invasion — that’s how the lawless mobs seeking the eternal gravy train are described by both the president of the U.S. and the mayor of Tijuana, where the hordes are currently getting drunk and creating their own local crime wave while massing for the upcoming big crossing.
It’ll be like the 49ers, or the Sooners, only this mob won’t be looking for gold or land. They’ll be sprinting toward the welfare offices of the gringos.
Everything free in America!
Proudly waving the flags of the hellhole countries that they claim “persecuted” them, the vast majority of these invaders will end up on the dole, voting Democrat to protect their handouts, just like the tens of millions who preceded them to the Land of the Free (Stuff).
We are told the “Dreamers” are the best of the illegal immigrants. Yet according to a Harvard researcher, even 74 percent of them are indigent wards of the state.
Where do the working classes of America go to get “asylum” from the millions of foreign criminals swarming across the border?
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