Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Majority Of People Who Make Up The Migrant Caravan ARE MEN

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle had an interesting segment today, though I’m not sure it sent the message they were hoping to get out about the caravan. Ruhle was speaking with MSNBC’s Gadi Schwartz who was doing a live shot from Tijuana in the heart of a makeshift migrant camp. “You’re in that tent camp,” Ruhle said, “Give us the profile of who is there mostly and what are they looking for?”
Before he could answer, Ruhle suggested that maybe the migrants didn’t have information about how to cross the border and that’s why they tried to storm across over the weekend. “There could be people yesterday who were running because they thought it was their only chance,” she said.
“It’s very difficult because this has become such a polarizing issue,” Schwartz replied. He added, “The truth is that the majority of the people that are part of this caravan, especially outside if we can make our way over there we’ll show you, the majority of them are men.”
Hmmm. That didn’t seem that complicated or polarizing. It seemed like a simple fact that people on the right have been pointing out for several weeks.
Read the rest of the story HERE and follow link below to a related story:

Majority of Migrants Arrested at Border Sunday Are Adult Men

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