Monday, November 19, 2018

Republicans are Missing a Golden Opportunity to Win Voters

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Suburban voters don’t want to embrace MS-13, Hamas, drug traffickers, and sanctuary cities while banning drinking straws. Suburban voters didn’t suddenly become rabid socialists and anarchists who join with the Antifa hordes defecating on police cars. Yet the party supporting these things won the House because of backlash against Trump’s persona and the lack of a counter-narrative from Republicans in Congress to define themselves and define Democrats. Voters wanted change and therefore voted for the only change on the ballot, which is the party out of power. It doesn’t have to be that way.
Imagine if we had a Republican party that actually ran on a unified platform of combatting identity theft by illegal aliens, sanctuary cities, drug cartels, and drug traffickers. Imagine a party that relentlessly hung the rising crime and drug crisis around the necks of its Democrat opponents who support releasing drug traffickers from prison and open-border policies that bring the poison into our country? Suburban voters still want safety and security, yet few Republicans ran on that agenda.
Unfortunately, these same Republicans are now going to push the open-borders agenda and weak-on-crime laws rather than fighting Democrats on those issues. Because Republicans are failing to fight them on these issues and force a moment of contention in the public eye, most voters will never know how destructive these ideas are to their communities. Consensus is the worst thing in politics, especially when it endangers the public safety.
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