Friday, November 16, 2018

Report: U.S. Begins Accepting Caravan Migrants In for Asylum Claims

Bill Wechter/Getty Images
Mexican federal authorities at the ports of entry in Tijuana are now allowing migrants from the Central American caravan into the U.S. so they can begin asylum requests.
This week, at the Chaparral Port of Entry in Tijuana, Mexican immigration officials announced 90 Central American caravan migrants would be allowed to advance to ask for asylum, journalist Rebecca Plevin reported. Twenty-five asylum seekers were allowed on Monday and 60 more on Tuesday.
At El Chaparral port of entry in Tijuana, Mexican immigration officials say 90 people will be allowed to make asylum claims today. People cheer; some 25 were allowed Monday, around 60 yesterday, we hear.

Meanwhile, 370 more members of migrant caravan arrived in TJ this morning.

— Rebecca Plevin (@rebeccaplevin) November 14, 2018
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