Wednesday, November 21, 2018

More Cities Spending Taxpayer Money On Legal Aid For Illegal Immigrants

Going beyond being a sanctuary city, more urban centers are providing taxpayer-funded legal aid for illegal immigrants to defend them from prosecution and keep them in the U.S.
As Fox News reports, the mayors of these cities don’t appear to be just resisting President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, they are creating an opposing system. While citizens accused of crimes are entitled to legal defense at public expense, authorities are not obligated to provide legal assistance to illegal immigrants, Fox notes.
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said this week that the city has allocated $385,000 to increase the funding to an already-existing legal aid program for illegal immigrants.
“There is no greater responsibility that I have as mayor than to keep all residents of Denver, undocumented or not, safe and secure,” he said. “And when we have challenging language that comes out of Washington that threatens that very covenant that we have with all of our residents it makes it doubly difficult for us to help people feel safe in their city.”
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