Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Lame Duck Congress Still Ruled By GOP Until 2019 — Why Not Get Something Done?

Lame Duck Congress: With the end of the midterm elections, most people in Washington are looking forward to the next Congress, which begins in January. But the current one, led by Republicans, still has a just under a couple of months to go. Is there anything they can do?
On the surface, it doesn't seem so. The GOP lost the House, after all.
And yet, maneuvering is already taking place by both the White House and congressional Democrats and Republicans following the midterm elections. The election is a reminder that some House Republicans may be out of a job, but Trump isn't.
With Congress divided, Republicans face two years of bitter battles between the Senate, which they control, and the House, which Democrats control. So the GOP can say goodbye to getting any major legislation passed through 2020. That makes the next two months, the so-called lame duck session, even more important than usual.
Can Congress achieve anything? Maybe. For one, a long list of nominees to both the executive and the judicial branch await approval.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No reason to believe R's will do much of anything in the next few weeks. They've had two years! If they weren't so busy kissing Trump's a** all the time, they could actually do their jobs.

Even when they have a plan, Trump spoils it with his endless theatrics.