Monday, November 26, 2018

Chuck Schumer scolds Trump: I stand with right-wing partisan John Roberts in believing the judiciary isn’t partisan

The left will tell you that Schumer’s problem is a chronic failure of nerve in confronting Republicans.
But what if, and bear with me here, he’s really just an imbecile?
Roberts’s point to Trump was that it’s unfair to impugn the integrity of the federal bench by describing its members as “Obama judges” or “Trump judges.” It makes them sound like Tammany Hall cronies. To which Schumer says, “Right. Listen to the Bush judge.”
The Twitterati are merciless: --->
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was plainly contradictory.

Of course some judges lean left. Some lean right. But Roberts is right to say that our courts overall are non-partisan. They must be.

He has a tough job with Trump as pres. I'm glad he spoke out. Hope he becomes the swing vote. Court works best that way.With Kav on board, who is clearly a right-wing partisan, Roberts will be forced to go to the middle.