Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Trump Reforms Cut Back Migrant Youth-to-Illegal Alien Relative Pipeline

President Donald Trump’s reforms to the country’s immigration and border system have increased the number of migrant youth who are living in government shelters significantly compared to last year.
There is now an estimated 12,000 migrant youth in federal shelters near the United States-Mexico border, five times the number of migrant youth who were in the shelters last year, federal data reveals.
The increasing number of young migrants who are not readily handed over to illegal alien relatives is a result of Trump’s immigration and border reforms that now require rigorous vetting of all adults in a home to which a migrant child is trying to be relocated.
The Obama-set policy of delivering young migrants to their illegal-alien relatives is being cut back by Trump’s reforms, mostly because those illegal alien relatives are now required to submit their identity and fingerprints to federal immigration officials.
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