Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The October Surprise Arrives

The politics of the migrant caravan sound a lot like the Kavanaugh nomination fiasco.
It looks as if the 2018 election’s October Surprise is about to arrive—from Honduras.
There they are—all 7,000 or so of them meandering across Mexico, on television 24/7 and the front pages every day. Unavoidably, everyone is forced to shape an opinion about it. Unavoidably, it’s political.
Most media coverage runs on two joined tracks. One, the caravan is a human tragedy. Two, Donald Trump and the Republicans are, needless to say, on the wrong political side of the tragedy.
Does this sound familiar?
That’s right, the October Surprise in its media and political particulars sounds similar to the September Surprise—the Kavanaugh nomination hearings.
The Senate Judiciary Democrats dropped the Christine Blasey Ford bombshell late in the process to drive a wedge between Republicans and female voters. It backfired. --->
Read the rest from Daniel Henninger HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Kavanaugh may have energized R's but it energized D's more. Same with this caravan. Generic ballot not looking so hot for R's.

BTW, the number has dropped from 7000 to 4000. This is nothing to be afraid of. Trump's rhetoric about these poor people is beyond the pale.


Anonymous said...

@Martha, Obviously you're not a conservative and you're not a Republican. Be a decent person and do not come here.

This chat is for conservatives.
Thank you.