Saturday, October 6, 2018

Poll: Public Blames Business for Illegal Migration

Most Iowa voters say unscrupulous employers deserve most of the blame for illegal migration because they offer jobs to illegals, according to a poll of 801 adults in Iowa.
The result contradicts the frequent claim by business groups that public opposition to immigration is caused by a racist-style dislike of migrants.
The business groups are also fighting back by trying to shift the blame for illegal immigration from companies to migrants. For example, companies and lobbyists are funding many attack-ads this year which divert public attention towards crime by illegals, and away from immigration’s impact on Americans’ wages and communities.
The Des Moines Register poll was taken Sept. 17-20, and asked, “Who do you blame more when illegal immigrants are found working in Iowa — the workers or the employers who hire them?” The data showed:
Across party affiliations, majorities blame those who employ undocumented workers more than they do the workers. Seventy percent of Democrats, 66 percent of independents and 57 percent of Republicans blame the employers.
The same is true of self-identified Trump voters — 64 percent of them blame employers over workers.
But Republicans are more likely to place blame on workers (32 percent) than are independents (13 percent) or Democrats (6 percent).
Overall, the poll showed that “63 percent of Iowans blame employers who hire people in the United States illegally. Sixteen percent blame the workers, and 21 percent are not sure.
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