Wednesday, October 31, 2018

'Migrant caravan' Has No Right To Be Here

Amid the conspiracy theories and the bloody madness revolving about the matter, we've never quite settled on the proper nomenclature: What do we call thousands of Central Americans tramping towards our southern border intent on entering our country and living here?
“Migrant caravan” has a pleasant ring to it, as though this were a modern-day Canterbury Tales. But theirs is not a pilgrimage from which the travelers will one day return home. This is a body of people the size of a town population looking to relocate to the United States whether the citizens of this country like it or not.
It isn't quite right to call the march an “invasion” or the people on it an “army.” They're not an armed mob, and they’re not talking about entering with force, despite the impression that apparently was burnt into the mind of the mad Pittsburgh synagogue shooter.
But whatever the right label is for the northbound thousands, it can be said without hesitation that America should not open its doors to them when they arrive. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is correct to say, "Do not come."
Refugees are supposed to settle in a country where they are not at risk of persecution. If these Hondurans are at risk in Honduras, they ought to settle in Guatemala. If not there, then in Mexico. It is not plausible to say they need to flee Mexico, as well. There is a clear sense that many of them simply feel they are entitled to enter the United States.
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Anonymous said...

I don't get a "clear sense" that these people feel they have a right to be here. Not at all. I get the clear sense that they are taking their chance on a better life for themselves and their families.

Risk takers are great people to bring in. They start businesses and work hard. They fulfill the American dream.


Anonymous said...

Vote Trump, 2020