Monday, October 15, 2018

If you really want ‘the rule of law,’ get rid of sanctuary cities and their illegal drugs

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“Republicans believe in the rule of law, not the rule of the mob.”
This comment from President Trump at a weekend rally in Kansas should be the rallying cry not only for this election but for a policy agenda every day after the election.
A recent bust of a criminal alien drug trafficking network in Lawrence, Massachusetts, an obdurate sanctuary city, should demonstrate once and for all that the border invasion and sanctuary cities are the main cause of the opioid crisis. In a sane world, it would serve as the impetus for Trump to promise a veto of the next budget bill, in early December, that doesn’t defund sanctuary cities. Heck, a sane party would bring Congress back from its endless recess to spark another Kavanaugh-level fight over sanctuary cities, sovereignty, drugs, gangs, and the rule of law. Not a bad formula to win back suburban voters.
Illegal aliens and sanctuaries are separating Americans from their families in the grave
New England has been hit hard by the drug crisis. The entirety of the post-2013 increase in fatalities has come from illicit street drugs. Where do they come from? Last week’s joint ICE/DEA bust of a criminal alien network in Lawrence, Massachusetts, involving over 200 law enforcement officers, provides us with a lot of insight. ICE detained or issued indictments for 50 illegal or criminal aliens who were operating in plain sight of authorities in and around Lawrence and charged them with gun, drug, and immigration violations. Several of them were also identified as sex offenders. They had enough fentanyl to kill half the population of the Bay State. That’s an awful lot of people who would be permanently separated from their families in the grave thanks to the singular focus in both parties on coddling “families” who cross the border and bring in drugs. Included in the bust were individuals whom local authorities failed to detain and hand over to ICE after prior arrests.
Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies and a resident of Massachusetts, told me that she is not surprised by this bust. “The city of Lawrence has given them safe haven with its egregious sanctuary policies,” said Vaughan, who is in touch regularly with local law enforcement. “State and local officials in Massachusetts, right up to the governor, have been in public denial about the role of deportable criminal aliens in this festering problem and failed to take action that would make business difficult for the traffickers – they even allow them to obtain driver’s licenses and welfare benefits.”
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