Friday, October 12, 2018

Grandstanding Kevin McCarthy has done NOTHING to stop the invasion over our border

The single most important job of the government is to protect our borders from an invasion. Given that we have a powerful military, you won’t see a foreign military challenge us at the border. But we are seeing today hundreds of thousands of impoverished individuals from Latin America empowering paramilitary drug cartels at our border to smuggle them into our country along with gangs, drugs, and criminals. Worse, the courts are largely responsible for this problem. Why is this not a bigger legislative or campaign issue for Republicans headed into the final days of election season?
Here’s what is happening at our border. Forum-shopped district judges ruled that anyone who self-traffics themselves into the country in order to fleece the American people is not only a legitimate asylee but must be released into our population pending the indefinite wait before an administrative judge can take their case, so long as they come with kids. In addition, we have Republicans like Mitt Romney joining the virtue-signaling over their well-being at the expense of our communities. All of this created a tsunami of people coming with kids to cross the border, while drugs and gangs continue to pour in through the gaps they create by tying down our agents. Remember, the entire border is controlled by various cartels such as Sinaloa, the Zetas, and Gulf to the point that they are now controlling checkpoints and searching vehicles.
Now, thanks to the courts and these policies, there are so many illegals coming and seeking bogus asylum or quasi-asylum status that there is not enough room in detention facilities to hold them. Accordingly, even more people are being released into our population, never to be seen again. Furthermore, because there are so many of them taking advantage of our “compassion,” it takes so long to get a hearing that judges are saying they must be released even if we have room to hold them. Media outlets are now reporting that ICE is releasing them in the Phoenix area en masse. A DHS official told NBC that this is “the start of a dam breaking” and that it will be replicated “all across the southern border soon.”
Meanwhile, federal judges are giving standing to every last illegal alien to dismantle our statutes. It got so bad that a federal judge in San Francisco actually said a section of immigration law prohibiting states from undermining federal immigration law is unconstitutional. This is an appalling ruling given that one of the impetuses for the move from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution was, indeed, to give the feds control over immigration so they can better manage the flow of immigrants and ensure that states don’t bring in people the rest of the country wouldn’t want just to juice up their representation in Congress … as California is doing today.
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