Friday, October 5, 2018

ACTIVIST JUDGE ALERT: Judge Blocks Administration From Withdrawing Protected Status from 300,000 Immigrants

Loren Elliott/Reuters
A federal judge issued a temporary injunction Wednesday blocking the Trump administration’s attempt to remove temporary protected status from more than 300,000 immigrants, initially permitted entry into the country due to natural disasters and other hardships in their places of birth.
The immigrants, who hail from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti and Sudan, would otherwise be forced to leave the country or change their immigration status before their temporary protected status, which in many cases was granted more than a decade ago, expires.
San Francisco-based U.S. District Court Judge Edward Chen ruled against the administration on the grounds that forcing parents to choose between parting with their children, or forcing their children to leave the U.S., would impose undue hardship on those effected.
Chen, an Obama appointee, bolstered his opinion by appeal to Trump’s racial “animus,” which he suggested may have impacted the decision to rescind temporary protected status from “non-white, non-European individuals.”
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Anonymous said...

This is obviously the right, and the AMERICAN thing to do. (of course, not if you're a racist hater.)

Leave these people alone. They are here because they need to be here. Most have been here for decades, with families, and are productive. What the hell is wrong with you people.


cimbri said...

Note to liberals, "temporary" means temporary. Martha can mow her own lawn.