Thursday, September 20, 2018

WSJ: Republicans Plan to Push Ahead on Kavanaugh Confirmation

Photo: chris wattie/Reuters
Senate Republicans said Wednesday they would push forward with their efforts to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and a White House spokesman said the administration was going “full steam ahead” to support him even as concerns persisted that a sexual-assault allegation against the nominee could stall or block his confirmation.
Spokesman Raj Shah said that the White House intends to “see what happens” at next week’s planned hearing before the Senate judiciary Committee and won’t look at naming any replacement nominee unless there is a clear need.
Republican leaders in the Senate continued to seek the testimony of the woman who has accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault, which he has denied. Earlier, Republicans rejected calls from her attorneys and Democrats for an investigation of the allegations as a condition for her appearing on Capitol Hill at the hearing scheduled for Monday.
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) said the hearing concerning the allegations would start at 10 a.m. Monday, and pressed Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser, California college professor Christine Blasey Ford, to testify. In a letter to her lawyers, he gave her a deadline of 10 a.m. Friday to submit her biography and prepared remarks if she planned to testify. There was no immediate response from her legal team.
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Anonymous said...

Wonder why they want to push him through so fast? Could it be they are afraid of hearing what Ford has to say? Are they afraid that she will appear credible, and tank Kavanaugh?


Boy oh boy. We have sure seen what the old white guys on the committee are made of though! It starts with M and ends with Y.

It's so embarrassing, but they don't ever get it. Still. What complete jackasses.

Go ahead, ram Bret through. See what it does for you. You like holding the senate? It's quite a gamble you're taking, but I'm all for you showing your true colors.


Anonymous said...

Ford has options, as Rubin has pointed out:

-Do an interview with a top journalist, and tell the story.
-Show how Trump/the senate are lying about not being able to an FBI investigation.
-Remind them that it took only 3 days to investigate Anita Hill.
-Remind them that victims or assault rarely remember details.
-Challenge Kavanaugh to answer whether he was part of the drinking culture in HS. *(He crowned himself Keg Master, or some such thing so we know he was. His friend said so.)
-Ask why Judge won't be called to testify. HE WAS THE ONLY OTHER WITNESS OF COURSE HE SHOULD TESTIFY. (But of course, we know he would hurt Kav's case, so we can't have that.) If he was a drunk in HS, his denials cannot be relied upon as valid. He was drunk as a skunk, puking in cars and passing out, for crying out loud.

Yeah. Ford has options. She should use them. Senate wants to play hardball? She can top it.


Anonymous said...

I believe her. Ford has no reason to lie.

Kavanaugh has multiple reasons to lie. Do the math.

There needs to be further investigation.

GOP won't do it because they are afraid.


Anonymous said...

It's truly a female vs male divide. This boys will be boys crap has to end. This idea that it was merely rough housing is a lie. The idea that it shouldn't matter is why women are leaving the GOP in droves.

I believe her when she says she feared for her life. Have you ever been locked in a room with two drunk teenage males, thrown on a bed, had one lay on you, try to rip off your clothes, try to rape you while covering your mouth so you could not scream, or even breath?

You idiots.

A man has no concept of how traumatizing this would be to a woman. A man who would defend this, or write it off, or calls her a liar is just simply a disgusting man.