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What Assimilation? Half the People in America’s Largest Cities Speak Foreign Languages

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A century ago, when Teddy Roosevelt expressed his view that “we have room for but one language here, and that is the English language,” could he ever have imagined a time when almost half the residents of our largest cities would speak a foreign language?
The Center for Immigration Studies has continued its series of immigration analysis based on new Census data, this time focusing on the number of people who speak foreign languages in their homes. Their findings are shocking. According to 2017 Census surveys, 48.2 percent of residents of our five largest cities speak a language other than English at home: New York City and Houston (49 percent); Los Angeles (59 percent); Chicago (36 percent); and Phoenix (38 percent).
Obviously, whenever we admit immigrants, even as they are learning English, they might speak their native language at home for a generation. That is to be expected, and there is nothing new about that trend. But the sheer numbers should set off alarm bells that we are taking in too many people too quickly – reinforced by endless waves from the same countries of origin – and losing our cohesiveness as a nation. Earlier this week, I posted a report showing that even at the height of the Great Wave, we’ve never taken in so many immigrants. This new report from the CIS demonstrates the harm this is doing to our common culture.
“A common language is part of the glue that holds the country together. But in many cities, more [than] half the residents now speak a foreign language at home, while in other cities or rural areas almost everyone speaks English,” observed Steven Camarota, the center’s director of research and co-author of the report. “The level of immigration is so high that it may be causing the country to grow apart, weakening the idea that Americans are one people.”
Among the many findings of the report are the following disturbing data points: --->
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