Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Senate Judiciary Committee To Hold Public Hearing For Kavanaugh And His Accuser Next Monday

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the woman who accused him of sexual assault back in the 1980s next Monday.
Public hearing to hear from Kavanaugh and Ford will be Monday, @senorrinhatch tells reporters

— Seung Min Kim (@seungminkim) September 17, 2018
According to The Hill, both Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser, will be testifying publicly next Monday.
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Anonymous said...

Oh this just keeps getting better and better.

What are R's going to do now? Go ahead and vote without a proper investigation? Go ahead R's. Seal your fate. HAHAHAHAHA

The senate GOP is a bunch of old white misogynists who simply still don't GET IT. They think they can go on being misogynists and dismiss women forever.

But they can't. The numbers don't lie. Woman are leaving GOP in droves.

This is a lose-lose for them no matter what they do now. But they should at least try to save the seat. They should withdraw Kav nom and nominate Barrett NOW

But they are too stupid.

Bye Bye Kavanaugh. Bye Bye SCOTUS seat.


Anonymous said...

When the Democrat Party stops advocating for sharia and Islam, they can ATTEMPT to lecture Republicans about misogyny again. But really the Democrats have even bigger problems here.

And Martha is a Charles Manson harpy. Very prejudiced and bitter. Most Republicans are women. Women will leave GOP if our majority fail to stop this harpy attack by the Pinkpu$$yCat hat, helter-shelter kooks.

The youth in America are more conservative than their parents, Generation Z is turning for improvements, not lunatic, violent types. The young people understand "innocent until proven guilty."

If Kavanagh was guilty, why did Feinstein wait months for this hit job.

Americans make their own fate.

Mitt won the vote of white women, the women who understood and knew the candidates. Most women would rather be married to ANYONE, more than they would want to be married to Bill Clinton.

Self government takes experience. Republicans believe in freedom, not socialism. People must be mature voters, and not vote for handouts. That groveling is the path to enslavement and MORE suffering.

If you don't see Weinstein, Bill Clinton and Charlie Sheen are all tied to the Democrat Party and misogyny in Hollywood, you are pathetic. The rapist Bill Clinton AND his wife are both vile misogynists. Hollywood the most Democrat and by far the most misogynist.

The people kicked Democrats to the curb for their lawlessness, violent communism, identity politics, Obamacare, and other evil radical nonsense; the Democrats failed to see the obvious lessons from history. And they continue to pursue a path of wild lawlessness and instability.

The Democrat Party nominated a person not born anywhere in Hawaii, or any other place in America. And have learned NOTHING. The Democrat Party is the party of fascist totalitarianism. They even dictate what one is permitted to eat for lunch!!

The Democrat Party became lawless and can't even call a spade a spade: islamic terrorism. Nidal Hasan is a terrorist, and our Fort Hood military base was not having "workplace violence." That shooter hates Americans and non-muslims, and slaughtered and gunned down unarmed Americans and non-muslims. His business card said "soldier of allah." The Deputy Chair of the DNC is Nation of Islam. Forget it, Americans do NOT want fascism nor a President that can't tolerate a cartoon he doesn't like.

Barack takes the name of God in vain, which means saying that one is a Christian when in reality they are not. Everyone knows he is not, and it is his own fault we know it. Barack spent $36 million dollars to hide his record and who he really is.

Democrats know Scalia was murdered. Most Democrats do NOT agree with Martha or the Harpies out there who decided to drop their Pinkpu$$yCat hats and say they are #MeToo now.

All of America was shocked and disgusted when Madonna and Sarsour held their nasty "women's" march. America doesn't like YOUR harpies, Martha.

The Democrats need to become readers. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote "The Gulag Archipelago." The Russians know about communism and the vile consequence of people unleashing their rage from coveting and from resentments. It was extremely self-destructive. The Russians today express their amazement at ANYONE thinking communism is anything but extremely evil and destructive.

And if Republicans leave the GOP, it would be if they fail to stop helter-skelter nutjobs like yourself.

Life a much happier place when people respect their elders. It is a choice to become a bitter old Leftist trolling a Conservative chat.