Monday, September 17, 2018

Kavanaugh Accuser Comes Forward With NO PROOF, NO WITNESSES, and NO EVIDENCE Corroborating Her Claims

Are we supposed to buy the account of an incident that supposedly happened during Brett Kavanaugh's high school years? Considering:
... Ford, who attended Holton-Arms School, also in Maryland, believes the party happened in 1982 when she was 15, making Kavanaugh 17. But she cannot remember where it took place other than it was near the Montgomery Country Club. She also does not recall who organized it nor how she got home, only that she locked herself in a bathroom until she thought it was safe.
Ford did not tell anyone about the incident at the time, including her parents ...(emphasis mine)
So let me get this straight, It's Ford's word against Kavanaugh and his high school friend Mark Judge who deny this event ever happened. Judge even calling Ford's allegations, 'Absolutely Nuts'.

I believe Erick Erickson of The Resurgent nailed all this below:
... This is all too perfect and has the makings for the perfect hit job. In fact, we should have no doubt the accuser will trot out friends who claim she told them the story. The Democrats will demand hearings. Republicans who dismiss her accusations will be attacked.
But the most critical pattern and the one that should keep the GOP from going down the hearing rabbit hole is the critical pattern that will not pan out -- there are no other accusers.
Lastly, and most importantly, the purported event happened 35 years ago in high school. To treat this as a trump card over which Kavanaugh's life's work should be discredited is a bridge too far. To treat one accusation as more credible than the praise Kavanaugh has garnered for his work and behavior in the last 35 years is a bridge too far.
The Senate GOP should not hold hearings on this accusation because it is not credible and doing so would set a dangerous precedent for future nominees. (emphasis mine)
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Anonymous said...

Some obvious facts are missing here.

-Kavanaugh and friend (so-called character witness who wrote about amazing it is when men use their awesome sexual power over women) were known partiers/drinkers/ drunks. Quotes in their yearbook confirm this. Comments about passing out/ vomiting etc.

-no sexual assault has a witness. Duh

-she passed a polygraph test.

-Irrelevant that she can't remember the address. No one would.

-she is willing to come forward and testify in front of the committee. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME NO LIAR WOULD SUBJECT THEMSELVES TO BEING DESTROYED THAT WAY.

-her account is entirely credible. His denial is weak.


It's all about what tribe you're on now. If you're R, you think she's a liar, if you're D, she's real. This is a pathetic state we're in, in which no leader shows true leadership or integrity. They will all vote in their own self-interest. SICK PEOPLE.

Fienstein didn't bring it to the committee because Ford wanted to remain anonymous. But Ford started this in July. This is NOT a last minute trick, or something democrats cooked up. This is a serious, credible allegation.

This is not rough-housing. This is attempted rape. He will have a lifetime appointment. If he did this, and if he's lying, he has no business on the supreme court.

The facts need fleshed out, and Kavanaugh needs to be grilled.


Anonymous said...

Martha a BITTER person, insane. She is NOT conservative, she hates the truth and attacks ALL those media sources not under Jesuits, the CIA Media. CIA is EVIL.

Feinstein knew about this in July, it is a hit job. Martha a harpy.