Tuesday, September 25, 2018

GOP Funding Planned Parenthood in Defense Bill

Alex Wong/Getty
The Republican-led Senate has passed a Defense appropriations bill that includes funding both Planned Parenthood and research that uses the fetal tissue from aborted babies.
I am a Republican because I am conservative. I am a conservative because I believe the Constitution and the ideals it asserts on behalf of all Americans are worth protecting. That includes the lives of unborn Americans. https://t.co/jpsBNz5Gdm

— Mike Lee (@SenMikeLee) September 21, 2018
“For the second straight year of unified Republican governance, unified pro-life governance, Congress’ annual spending bills will include no new reforms protecting unborn children or getting federal taxpayers out of the abortion business,” Utah Sen. Mike Lee ripped his GOP colleagues in a floor speech about the bill that ultimately passed, 93-7.
Lee continued: --->
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