Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Feckless Republicans Rolled By Mob Rule In Kavanaugh Hearing

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images
In many ways, the circus that plagued the beginning of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearing is a microcosm of our broader political problems in Washington. Voters handed Republicans the gavel of the Senate committees, yet they willingly cede it over to Democrats and anarchists. Democrats are the sun and Republicans are the moon. They operate solely within the Democrat paradigm.
In 2016, I called upon Chuck Grassley to step down as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee because he essentially gave Democrats control of too many of the witnesses at critical hearings and, contrary to his entire career’s work, began supporting the jailbreak legislation of the very members who interrupted him today. Everybody saw on display today how Grassley essentially has no control over the committee. Grassley allowed Democrats to block his opening statement by heckling him, and he allowed them to give speeches without being recognized. It took him 75 minutes to deliver his own opening statement, and even then, it was interrupted endlessly by outside protesters. Not once did the Democrats, who liberally spoke out of turn, use their out-of-order comments to tell their supporters in the audience to quiet down, except for when they themselves were interrupted. Durbin even praised the interruptions as an exercise of democracy.
Even when Grassley finished his opening statement, he gave Dianne Feinstein, the ranking member, yet another turn for an opening statement.
Thus, even though Democrats would have endless opportunities to air their complaints and hurl their insults at Kavanaugh with two rounds of opening statements, Grassley legitimized their illegitimate gripes by allowing them to seize the floor. Though Kavanaugh has 12 years of experience on the second highest court of the land, with over 300 written opinions, Democrats were allowed to frame this debate as one of lack of transparency. All of Grassley’s gestures and overtures got him nothing but the establishment of a precedent to talk over his gavel for the remainder of the week.
This is what happens when you run from a barking dog rather than standing your ground. You can never placate Democrats’ aggression. They will just use your concession as strategic ground from which to launch the next attack.
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