Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Australia’s rejected asylum seekers arriving as refugees in the US don’t show up in State Department’s data, or do they?

Every few months I have a look at the “Processing Country Map” provided by Wrapsnet (The US State Department’s Refugee Processing Center).
The new map is posted usually on the fifth of the month for the previous months of the present fiscal year (in this case FY18).
The processing country is the location where the ‘refugee’ goes through his or her paperwork processing and security screening. We are not told what nationality they are.
One is left guessing about who exactly is coming in from that country.
The latest map is below. You can find it here yourself (click on this: Map Arrivals by Processing Country and Nationality as of August 31, 2018) and you might want to look at it because it is accompanied by a table which gives exact numbers for each processing country.
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