Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Will Trump Cave to Open Borders Asylum Policy of GOP House?

We hired Donald Trump to drain the Swamp. Alas, too many Republicans are working for the alligators. Take the case of Kansas congressman Kevin Yoder. If you’re wondering why through eight long years of President George W. Bush, and a bruising primary contest which centered on immigration, and two years of Trump as president, gangs like MS-13 still control our border … look no further than men like Yoder. He holds funding for the Wall hostage to restoring a reckless asylum policy.
If you wonder why the President can’t build a Wall, but instead keeps stumbling into public relations disasters like the “immigrant families” debacle. … Thank Yoder, and his clones.
An Invitation to Half the World to Claim Asylum
As chairman of a key House committee, this Republican led the drive to overturn a key immigration policy. As the Washington Post reports:
A GOP-led House committee delivered a rebuke of the Trump administration’s immigration policies this week — an unusual bipartisan move that may ultimately spell trouble for must-pass spending measures later this year.
The powerful House Appropriations Committee passed a measure that would essentially reverse Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s guidance earlier this year that immigrants will not generally be allowed to use claims of domestic or gang violence to qualify for asylum. The provision was adopted as part of a larger spending bill that funds the Department of Homeland Security, an already contentious measure because of disputes over funding for President Trump’s border wall. …
Want to know what’s extra sleazy? The open-borders provision (HR 392) passed on a voice vote. So RINOs in the pocket of the cheap labor lobby can report back to their donors, without facing their voters.
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