Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Why there’s no better time for a budget fight than now — BEFORE the election

AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File
Will he or won’t he? Every day, we see a different side of Trump’s vacillation over whether to use his veto power to leverage his immigration priorities in the budget. Clearly, his heart is telling him to keep his promise and fight for our security and sovereignty, but the swamp, some of which he brought into his own White House, is telling him to go along to get along and pass another Democrat budget. He’d be wise to follow his heart.
It’s now or never
Imagine a team down by two touchdowns headed into the fourth quarter that says, “let’s not throw the ball and make big plays because that might risk an interception. We wouldn’t want to lose the game, would we?”
That is the attitude of GOP leadership in a nutshell and that will be the outcome of the 2018 elections if the conservative movement doesn’t wake up. Among many important political matters, pressuring the party and encouraging the president to force our immigration imperatives in the most important issue of the next two months.
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Anonymous said...

Hope the little dope shuts down the government down to please his racist supporters. Make the blue wave bigger.