Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Unaccompanied Minors, ILLEGAL Aliens, the Asylum Scam and the Opioid Crisis

The hysteria over “separating children” of illegal alien families is revelatory of a deepening divide in the country based on shifting demographics and the further radicalization of the media and the Democrat Party.
The policy of separating children from their parents is not new. It is based on rules that precede the Trump administration. Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton followed it. But only under Trump have such measures been likened to “Nazi concentration camps,” or “Japanese internment centers.”
Separation occurs when officials find that the adult is falsely claiming to be the parent, is a danger to the child, or is placed in criminal proceedings. The difference is that adults who came as part of a family unit were previously allowed to enter the country pending legal outcomes. Under Trump, as part of his “zero tolerance policy,” all adults are prosecuted to communicate that this administration is serious about enforcing our laws.
It is also complicated by the changing nature of illegal entry into the country across the southern border. Previously, mainly young males from Mexico had driven it. Now thanks to DACA, sanctuary cities, “catch and release,” the “asylum” scam, and the promise of amnesty under the Obama administration, the migration has shifted to women, children, and “family units,” as they are treated more leniently.
The controversies manufactured by the left must be unpacked. To begin, however sympathetic illegal alien children and family units may seem, they were not forced to enter the country. They can stay in their own country. It’s not our fault that their countries are dysfunctional. Many countries are dysfunctional. Billions of people live in failed nations. There are a handful of Western nations and nations in East Asia that are successful. Being dysfunctional is a normal state of affairs for most countries.
When a US citizen commits a crime he will be detained by law enforcement. If he has children, he will be separated since no child is placed in adult detention centers. This is what happens to American citizens when they go to jail. Why should we privilege foreigners?
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