Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Story of the Century ... That You Weren't Told About

Covering up embarrassing political stories is one thing. Covering up the news story of the century is unconscionable.
The media held a collective pity party for themselves yesterday, printing a series of editorials that championed the “free press” against the relentless assaults of President Trump. Their legitimate beef with the President aside, it seems to me that the mainstream press could do more for their reputation if they spent a little less time coordinating attacks against the White House and a little more time covering big stories even if they challenge their preferences. That is, after all, what a truly “free press” would do.
WATCH the movie tailer ABOVE
And as evidenced by the words of movie director Phelim McAleer, it’s precisely what major American media is not doing:
“This is one of the biggest stories I’ve ever seen, I’ve ever heard about, and there was no coverage at all… I just assumed then once he was convicted, that there was going to be a mega movie, because why wouldn’t you make a movie out of this? So I waited and waited and I realized, wow, no one’s making a movie out of this? That’s because they don’t want—Hollywood doesn’t want to touch this story or cover this story. So, if they’re not going to do it, then I should do it. We’ve done this before; we’ve been telling stories all of our lives. We’ll just make a movie, and we did.”
Read the rest from Peter Heck HERE.

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