Thursday, August 9, 2018

Republicans don’t think government is big enough. Now they want ‘Ivankacare’

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill
While Jared Kushner is promoting the Koch agenda for Willie-Horton-style jailbreak bills, his wife and co-president, Ivanka, is successfully getting one Republican after another to promote a new massive entitlement for paid family leave. As if we don’t have enough market interventions, government programs, and debt.
Here’s a novel idea: how about we eliminate all of the current government policies that force many families to have both parents working full time even while the kids are young? How about we undo the policies that drive down wages and drive up the cost of health care, food, fuel, and other vital services and then let’s see how family finances look? How about we decrease the debt, which is about the take a bite out of wage growth?
We would be better off as a country if we at least had a Republican Party that was merely at peace with every iota of the 100-year buildup of the federal leviathan without growing it. Yet, every time Republicans assume power and promise to reverse course, they not only codify the policies of the Left, they seek to grow them and venture into new areas of the economy and private life. This is what Margaret Thatcher often referred to as “the ratchet effect” to explain the one directional progress of liberalism when the Left is in power and the inability to reverse one iota of that momentum when so-called conservatives are in power. The ratchet only turns in one direction.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How about we talk about what the real problems are?

Corrupt House R's like Nunes run amok
Corruption in general in GOP run amok
Trump and allies attacking free press
Trump holding secret mtgs with adversaries
Trump being a dumb--- is general
43% R's think a pres has the right to SHUT DOWN MEDIA OUTLETS.

It's like we're a third world country these days. The GOP has some real problems, and family leave is not one of them.

Thank heaven America is going to take the house away from R's. It's not safe in their hands.