Sunday, August 5, 2018

Real ID Opponents Fear It Will “divide us into documented and undocumented”

If you’re heading out to the DMV in the near future to renew your driver’s license or other identification you’ll probably be noticing a change. You’ll need to provide additional documentation to verify who you actually are and establish your legal residency status in order to receive a Real ID compliant identification card. In most cases, you can probably still get a non-compliant ID, but you won’t be able to use it to board a plane at the airport, enter a federal courthouse or for several other travel purposes. This is part of the 2005 security package passed by Congress after the 9/11 attacks.
Despite the obvious advantages to beefing up security, you can always find someone who is ready to complain about it. That’s the case with David L. Ulin, a contributing writer at the LA Times. This week he writes that Real ID is yet another evil government plot to “divide us all into documented and undocumented.”
Real ID won’t make us safer, it will only divide us…
As of 2020, if you want to travel within your own country by air, you will have to have Real ID or a passport. If you want an ID that isn’t stamped “Federal limits apply,” you will have to document your legality.
The government expressly claims this isn’t a national identification system, but please: You either will have the proper “papers” or you won’t…
Equally troubling is the further development of what we might call a two-tier America, based on immigration status and economic opportunity. Even the Department of Homeland Security acknowledges that noncompliant IDs could be a red flag for discrimination.
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