Saturday, August 18, 2018

GOP Rep. Yoder Will Invite Mass Migration With Catch-and-Release Giveaway

AP/Charlie Riedel
Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder’s catch-and-release spending plan “will encourage further massive waves of illegal immigration into the country,” says Peter Kirsanow, a GOP-appointed member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.
“American workers finally have a beneficial labor market after suffering years of high unemployment and stagnant wages,” he said in an August 7 letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan. “Now Republicans in Congress want to blow it by gutting immigration enforcement,” Kirsanow added.
Kirsanow, who was appointed to the seven-member commission by former President George W. Bush, is one of the few voices speaking up against Yoder’s July 25 decisive endorsement of a Democratic spending amendment which revives the catch-and-release rules set by former President Barack Obama.
The amendment is now in the draft 2019 sending bill, and it would revive Obama’s rules which allowed hundreds of thousands of Central American economic migrants into the United States. The amendment bars President Donald Trump’s officials from spending any money to implement the asylum reforms announced in June by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
“Reversing the Attorney General’s decision to enforce the law as it has been understood for almost 40 years will encourage further massive waves of illegal immigration into the country,” said Kirsanow’s letter to Ryan. “Attorney General Sessions’ decision to return to the understanding of the asylum laws that was in place from 1980-2016 is an effort to stop people at the border before they enter the country.”
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