Sunday, August 26, 2018

DHS Ending Giant ‘Administrative Closure’ Amnesty

AP Photo/John Amis
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reversing the closed-door “administrative closure” amnesty for 350,000 migrants which was quietly created by officials working for former President Barack Obama.
The huge amnesty was carried out by Obama’s judges in the immigration courts who told roughly 350,000 migrants that their case files were being placed in storage facilities instead of being used in trials to send them home.
But Sessions has ordered that the files be pulled from storage and sent back into the immigration courts, alarming immigration lawyers, and progressives.
The Sessions reversal was shown in a chart released by the Executive Office which reveals that 1,077 cases were revived by the Department of Homeland Security in July 2018, up from roughly 755 cases per month since October 2017.
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