Friday, August 10, 2018

Democrats Going All In On 'Medicare For All'

Democrats have decided to stop worrying and embrace government-run, single-payer health care.
On July 19, 70 House members launched a new Medicare for All caucus. A House bill to implement single-payer — H.R. 676 — already has 122 cosponsors, about two-thirds of House Democrats.
Democratic National Committee Deputy Chair Rep. Keith Ellison has become the lead sponsor of the measure, declaring Medicare for All "an idea whose time has come."
What was once merely a dream is now, many Democrats believe, only a couple of elections away. But Medicare for All would be a nightmare for taxpayers and patients.
To take Congress, Democrats need to flip 23 House seats and two in the Senate. Many party leaders posit that nationalizing the midterm elections around health care — specifically, the promise of Medicare for All — is a winning strategy.
That number will surely increase. Old-guard Democrats are facing primary challengers on their left — and they're losing.
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