Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Lower Refugee Ceiling Is Better for Most Refugees, the Host Countries, and America

The president is finding that changing immigration policy is more like trench warfare than shock-and-awe.
Getting anything through Congress has so far proven impossible, due to combination of the filibuster rule, a rump group of loose-border Republicans, and the White House’s own poorly run legislative operation.
Meanwhile, #Resistance judges have acted lawlessly in an attempt to stymie legitimate exercises of executive authority. The latest example is the almost comical order to fully restore the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty, an Obama initiative launched not with legislation, nor with an executive order or even a formal regulation, but with a simple memo, which the judge now pretends has the force of law.
But refugee policy is one area where the administration can storm some trenches successfully. Even the domestic “charities” that make their living from resettling refugees (on the taxpayers’ dime) acknowledge that refugee policy is a component of foreign policy, which is why the president has wide latitude.
He has already exercised that authority by reducing the ceiling for refugee resettlement in the current fiscal year to 45,000, down from the Obama administration’s FY 2017 ceiling of 110,000. Owing to the development and implementation of new procedures, the actual number of refugees likely to be resettled through FY 2018 (which ends September 30) will be well below the ceiling, maybe 21,000.
The new fiscal year starts in a month and a half, and there is a struggle inside the administration over the resettlement ceiling for FY 2019. The hawks are pushing for a lower ceiling while the doves, both career State Department officials and the resettlement “charities,” are pushing for a higher one.
Read the rest from Mark Krikorian HERE.

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DACA was unConstitutional, Barack said so himself. Judges appointed by the Left behave as though we do not have a Constitution. They certainly have not been introduced.

Presidents CANNOT write law, and the Congress voted and DEFEATED DACA. It is NOT our law, and could never be.