Monday, July 9, 2018

The Associated Press Reported That Trump Was Tossing Immigrants From The Military. That’s Not The Whole Story

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In their desperate rush to paint President Trump as a brutal xenophobe hell-bent on deporting even the best young immigrants, the media have botched a series of important immigration stories. First, it was the separation of children from their parents at the border, a policy that began under the Obama administration and was mandated by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals; now, it’s booting unvetted immigrants from the military.
On Thursday, the Associated Press ran with this stunning headline:US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits.” Now, you might think from that headline that the U.S. Army was quietly discharging immigrant recruits . . . for the sin of being immigrants. But that’s not true. In paragraph 4 of the article, we learn that some of those discharged were told “they’d been labeled as security risks because they have relatives abroad or because the Defense Department had not completed background checks on them.” Both of which seem like pretty good reasons to discharge potential members of the military.
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