Monday, July 23, 2018

Senate Democrats Push National Catch-and-Release Bill

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Senate Democrats are rallying behind a “family reunification” bill which promises a policy of catch-and-release for nearly all migrants who bring their children over the border.
The bill would allow the migrant parents to stay in the United States until their children’s legal pleas are finally resolved. That legal stay could last for several years if the courts’ existing two-year backlog of 700,000 cases is increased by many migrants eager to accept the Democrats’ catch-and-release invite.
The bill would also allow more migrants to simply walk away from courtroom hearings and into the nation’s population of at least 11 million illegal migrants.
“Only about 5 percent of the people [who are] released [from detention] ultimately end up being removed, even if they get a final order of removal for immigration purposes,” Kevin McAleenan, head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said July 17. In contrast, when migrants are kept in custody, he said:
Immigration processing can be done fairly and relatively quickly [and] the detain docket for the immigration courts moves in about 45 days on average …. for those in ICE custody.
When migrants are released, the legal process is lengthened and many migrants disappear, so wrecking law enforcement. McAleenan said:
It is really that in-custody docket, move in 45 days, that actually creates an immigration system where we have a rule of law, and we don’t have that if we are releasing people.
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