Sunday, July 22, 2018

President Trump: ‘Not One’ Country Has Been Improved by Mass Immigration

Pierre Orom/Getty Images
President Trump says he cannot name a single country that has been improved by mass immigration or large flows of refugees.
In an interview with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, Trump said he warned European leaders while overseas last week of the dangers of mass immigration and the cost it will have on European citizens and each country’s culture.
TUCKER: As you traveled around Europe, and you looked at Europe over the years, can you think of a place that has been improved by mass immigration or movement of large numbers of refugees?
TRUMP: Not one. In fact, one of my big things and some people were insulted, I would say a year ago they would have been totally insulted, now maybe there could have been a couple out of all of those countries.
I said, the immigration policies in Europe are a disaster. You’re destroying Europe, you’re destroying the culture of Europe. The crime is up in those areas. And you better do something. I told them that. Look it’s not me, it’s not anything, you just look at the numbers. The numbers speak. But, the culture’s changing rapidly. And the crime rate is changing more than rapidly. You better do something. I told them that.
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