Thursday, July 26, 2018

ILLEGALS? Where is the Dream for Americans?

It seems unseemly that in a country built on the sweat of immigrants, that it would be immigration dividing the nation.
But reader’s reactions to my last two columns, “Immigration? Lady Liberty, don’t you weep,” and “Snatched? Where are the tears for American kids?” shows they are mirroring the attitude of the country as comments were divided right down the middle.
But whether readers were on the left or right, there was one commonality: there is mounting resentment for the amount of money that is being used to help migrants and immigrants while problems here in America that affect a vast number of Americans have been relegated to second-class status.
No matter how America wants to dress it up, those undocumented immigrants were allowed to stay, live and play.
But for the migrants who now openly thumb their noses at our country’s laws and march to America’s borders demanding that they be let in, I have closed the door.
I don’t like being bullied and I feel like I am being bullied.
What is it that migrants are running from that isn’t happening in this country? Poverty, lack of opportunity, saturated gang violence? Sounds like what is going on in a lot of cities and towns in America — and that is not fake news.
I personally am tired of hearing about the plight of migrants and immigrants when a vast number of American people are suffering and are being treated like second-class citizens.
I am sick of seeing our tax dollars go to help people who have done nothing to nurture and sustain this country while Americans who work every day are standing in food lines and filling out applications for assistance. ....
Read the full op-ed from James Walker HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but that is so much hooey. There is plenty of the American Dream to go around. It is NOT a zero sum game.