Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Government data shows the entire ‘family separation’ crisis was built of lies

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Now that the truth has come out about separating families at the border, the media has lost interest in the story and is on to the next hotness. It turns out that the people for whom they created biblical levels of sanctimony self-separated from their own kids while empowering drug smugglers to kill people in our country.
Rather than marshalling all its limited resources to deal with the drug cartels, gangs, and special interest aliens (SIAs) at our border and in the interior, the Department of Homeland Security has been forced to consume its resources and give almost daily updates to the new commander in chief, San Diego Judge Dana Sabraw. He now controls our border policy and the cascading effects of devastating social and economic ills perpetrated against the country as a result of the incentives he has created to promote catch-and-release.
It turns out many parents are smugglers and don’t want reunification
Through the process of reporting back to Sabraw, the DHS produced a memo breaking down the number of children reunited with parents. The data shows that of the 2,551 adults who were recently separated from children age five and older at the border, 917 are “either not, or not yet known to be eligible, for reunification;” 130 waived their right to be reunited because they wanted their children to get refugee status; and for 463, “case notes indicated adult is not in U.S., under review.” This likely means that in addition to the 130 who didn’t seem to care about reuniting with their children, an additional 463 left the country without explicitly waiving their right of reunification, but still left their kids behind.
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Anonymous said...

Pure hogwash. Flat out lies.

I can't believe rightspeak is sinking so low, Bosman.