Friday, July 20, 2018

Foreign interference: Foreigners voting in our elections

If Russians were found to have voted in our elections, would that be enough to get the political class to take seriously the issue of non-citizens voting in our elections? What if Russian nationals got standing to sue against any method of protecting the integrity of our elections and Census reapportionment? Would it then be kosher to focus on the existential threat posed by voter fraud?
All conservatives should take the Russian attempts to meddle in our elections seriously. But that is a national security and counterintelligence issue; it’s not an electoral issue. Nobody can say that the Russians made a difference with the actual voters in the Midwest who elected Trump. But what does make a difference is foreign nationals actually voting in our elections as well as being counted in the Census. They do more than influence our elections; they downright shape, distort, and irretrievably alter the outcome of our elections. Why is there no concern about this issue among the political class?
A law fueling non-citizens voting
Last week, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), headed by former DOJ attorney and election law expert J. Christian Adams, published a report showing definitive proof of non-citizens voting in Alleghany County, Pennsylvania, a key battleground state. Last year, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation admitted that through the motor voter law, thousands of non-citizens were seamlessly registered to vote through their process of obtaining driver’s licenses. Last December, Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt estimated that over 100,000 non-citizens were registered over the past two decades statewide.
And this is just one critical state admitting its error. It’s not hard to see how this is a problem affecting countless hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people. The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) — otherwise known as the motor voter law – requires states to offer those obtaining driver’s licenses the option of registering to vote. The problem is that without strong mandates to check citizenship status, this law turned into basically a government requirement to register non-citizens to vote! Non-citizens, even legal immigrants, have no standing to vote in our elections. The courts have downright prevented states from asking for proof of citizenship on voter registration forms, and in many states, we are stuck with nothing more than an honor system to ensure that only Americans are choosing American leaders. Thus, when non-citizens erroneously register to vote, it often takes years to discover because of all the lawsuits against any state that employs commonsense measures to secure the integrity of our elections.
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