Thursday, July 26, 2018

Dreaming To Be A U.S. Citizen Doesn’t Make You One

During Governor Raimondo’s photo op signing of the driver licenses for dreamers act one young lady who was interviewed declared herself an “undocumented American”.
If you were born in another country and your parents are foreign nationals and you are not a naturalized citizen you are not an American. Dreaming to be a U.S. citizen does not make you one. Nor does having a job and paying taxes.
Raimondo told a reporter from the Latino media that she cannot fulfill her 2014 campaign promise to grant drivers licenses to all illegal immigrants because that is up to the legislature.
I recently interviewed a state representative who is one of the primary sponsors of that bill (H7891). I asked her why illegal immigrants needed a driver’s license. So they could get to their jobs thereby reducing their reliance on the welfare system, she replied.
My follow-up was, “If they are not here on a work visa or hold a ‘green card’ they are not supposed to be working. Liberals often say we should penalize employers who hire them.” In response just a blank stare from the representative.
Read the rest from Richard J. August HERE.

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