Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Arctic Jihad: Refugee Violence Now Strikes Remote Corners of Europe

Photo by Gili Yaari/NurPhoto)(Sipa via AP Images
It was early 1999 when, like Balboa first glimpsing the Pacific, I happened upon one of the heavily Muslim neighborhoods of Amsterdam and saw the future immediately. Taking in the sight of bearded men in long skirts and women in hijab with three or four small children apiece -- and noting the hostile looks I got from the men, and the obvious and deliberate separation of the women from the society around them -- I recognized at once the demographic significance of it all. Somehow, moreover, I grasped instantly that this couldn't just be happening in Amsterdam -- why would it? It only seemed logical that there must be such neighborhoods in other Western European cities, too. I had never read or heard a word about this phenomenon. But now here I was in the midst of it, and between one moment to the next my view of the city, and the continent, that I, a native New Yorker, had relocated to because I viewed it as civilized, pleasant, and safe, was utterly transformed.
In the weeks and years that followed, I read a great deal about Islam, discovered Muslim communities in other European cities, and wrote about what I saw happening -- and about the direction in which I feared things were going. Almost two decades later, my dire predictions have been proven right. The cities of Western Europe have become steadily more Islamized. And the byproducts of Islamization that I observed all those years ago have been magnified. No-go zones have proliferated. Crime rates have gone up. In one major city after another, the police are either under orders to avert their eyes from Muslim transgressions or have nowhere near the resources necessary to address them efficiently. Yet even as the problem grows increasingly dire, and thus increasingly obvious, authorities whitewash Islam more vigorously than ever and harass and prosecute those who dare to speak honestly about the topic.
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