Saturday, July 14, 2018

Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Is A Slap To Legal Immigrants’ Faces

Why grant illegal immigrants amnesty when so many potential legal immigrants would sacrifice everything for such an opportunity, and are already waiting in line?
Many automatically assume that to be “pro-immigrant” is to support amnesty for illegal immigrants. But many legal immigrants view amnesty another way: as a gift to lawbreakers at the expense of those who wait in line to come to America lawfully.
“I’m very happy they’re helping the 11 million people here illegally, but what are they doing for us?” said Mexican visa holder Juan De La Torre, who is waiting for naturalization, in a 2013 CNN interview. If you wouldn’t let the random bloke off the street cut you in line, why would you desire that someone who committed a crime by entering this country unlawfully would get what he wants as a result, instead of those who followed the rules?
Critics may lambast these “pro-law-and-order” immigrants as too concerned about something that doesn’t affect them. But is it really true that illegal immigration policy has no effect on the prospects of those seeking to enter America lawfully?
Read the from Kenny Xu HERE at The Federalist.

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