Saturday, July 21, 2018

‘America First’ Means Terminating The One-Sided Obama-Putin Nuclear Treaty

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Either Russia single-handedly elected Trump and is the same threat it was at the height of the Cold War, or it is a strategic partner to save Western Civilization. Either it single-handedly determined the outcome of our election or poses no threat at all.
Neither of these false dichotomies is correct. Russia poses a long-term strategic threat, though not in the same way it did during the Cold War. And if we remain focused on building our own deterrent and on defending our interests while avoiding wasting trillions of dollars on Islamic civil wars, we can deter Putin. The first step in putting America first in this debate over Putin’s aggression is to terminate the unilateral disarmament treaty we forged with Putin under Obama.
Generally speaking, Trump’s policies toward Russia have been a lot stronger than his rhetoric. Whether it’s committing to modernizing our missile defense, reassuring the Eastern European allies that Obama abandoned, vitiating Putin’s prized Iran deal, or ramping up natural gas exports to combat Russian’s energy monopoly, Trump’s policies haven’t matched his embarrassing display of obsequiousness to Putin. Now that he stumbled in the Helsinki summit, there’s one way Trump and congressional Republicans can reclaim their legacy of America First, go on offense for our priorities, and expose the Democrat duplicity on Russia. Trump should commit to ending the New START Treaty.
Lost in the pandemonium created in the media and political world over Trump’s comments to Putin was Putin’s assertion that he wants to continue the lopsided nuclear disarmament deal after its expiration in 2021. “The Russian Defense Ministry is ready to enliven contact with the US colleagues, between our General Staffs and via other communication channels, to discuss extension of the START Treaty, cooperation in Syria, and other topical issues of military security,” said Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for Russia’s defense ministry, on Tuesday.
Trump should flatly say no to this idea. Also, congressional Republicans who claim to be so troubled by the president’s diplomacy with Putin should immediately introduce legislation blocking any extension of the deal.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Um . . . Trump HAS NOT reassured our eastern European allies. Far from it.

Sure, get rid of START. But that would be nothing compared to getting rid of Trump. Trump is the biggest threat to America, and to the world right now. He is threatening the disintegration of NATO, which has kept a global order and peace for 70+ years.

Trump IS A PUTIN chump. He CANNOT stand up to Putin for whatever reason. He plays right into Putin's hand, and advances Putin's goals.

Again, Trump is the most dangerous threat we have. Just as we knew from day one. He is every nightmare we dreamed and worse.