Saturday, July 7, 2018

1,350% jump in deportation orders for sham asylum claims by illegal immigrants

A majority of immigrants seeking asylum in the United States by claiming “credible fear” back home do not actually file for it once they are released into the country, resulting in a massive effort to find and deport them, according to the Trump administration.
Earlier this year, for example, Justice Department data provided to Secrets showed that 56 percent of recent immigrants who made "credible fear" claims had not taken the next step to file for asylum, raising doubts about their initial claim.
And it’s not a new issue: 65 percent of pending cases that originated from credible fear have not resulted in an asylum application, and since since 2006, 53 percent never filed an asylum application.
New immigrants “gamed” the system so much during the Obama era, according to new data, that there has been a 1,350 percent increase in deportation orders from fiscal 2010 to fiscal 2017 for those let into the United States after claiming “credible fear” but who never followed through or whose claims were rejected.
The statistics are the latest evidence that claiming asylum during the lenient Obama era was seen as a free pass into the United States.
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